Internal Market Information System

Celebración en Bruselas del 10º aniversario del IMI

Celebración en Bruselas del 10º aniversario del IMI

Los 10 primeros años de aplicación del sistema IMI se han celebrado el 10 de abril de 2018 en Bruselas con un encuentro de reflexión y conmemoración. Más información.

UE Regulation nº 1024/2012 'IMI Regulation'

UE Regulation nº 1024/2012 'IMI Regulation'

The EU Regulation nº 1024/2012 on IMI took effect in December 4th 2012. It is a solid regulatory framework. It guarantees the effective functioning of the system.

IMI and data protection

Information on personal data protection in the IMI system

IMI: What is it? Who is IMI For?

The Internal Market Information System is addressed to public authorities of EU Member States. Citizens and Enterprises can´t access IMI. IMI information enables administrative cooperation in connection to various aspects of UE internal market. If you wish to have a global view of IMI and who takes part in it, visit this section.


Find manuals and documents on the IMI System; Spain IMI Coordinator´s Newsletters; Legal references on IMI; IMI`s areas of action. If you are an IMI user, here you can find useful information.

Training on IMI

The use of the IMI System is easy if you already handle other software applications. Here are available resources for self training, guides and videos on the IMI and how to use it. You can find support materials to organise training sessions on IMI for other users.


Useful links for IMI`s users to access from a public authority. Useful links for citizens and business.

Sistema de Información del Mercado Interior

National IMI Coordination (NIMIC)

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